Monday, July 13, 2009

Joseph Andrew Acosta

Joey is Elmo's oldest grandson and Emily's son. He is seven years old and like any seven year old he is rambunctious, inquisitive and always on the go. He is a great companion for his cousin, Ara and is very patient and loving with her. He loves school and is very smart, he is learning to read and loves to read any and everything he can get his hands on. He loves to swim with his Grandpa and thinks that his Grandpa and Mom are the most wonderful and interesting people he knows. He talks continually, questions everyone and has own opinion about everything. Joey is a wonderful little boy, full of love for his family and sees life as one great adventure. I have loved watching Joey grow from a small child into a boy, he intrigues me, I see glimpses of his grandfather in the things he does and how he treats others. He will be so handsome and grown up as he walks down the aisle with Landon, I know he will be proud to be in charge of the rings and will take his responsibility very seriously.

Tristan David Trezise

Tristan David Trezise is my second grandson. He is the son of Will & Tara Trezise. Tristan had a tough time after his birth, a large 8 pound boy born a month early, he gave his family a scare with his seizures. Thankfully, he grew out of them and he has become a sweet addition to our family. He is three years old and will tell you his name is T-bird Cheeserice. Being the middle child in his neighborhood doesn't stop him from letting his opinions be known. He is a daredevil and can out eat his own father. We think his legs are hollow. He loves to paint his nails, climb trees and he puts up with Avery, as she finds him her own personal jungle gym. He is so sweet and cuddly, but all boy when it comes to tangling with his brother, Landon. We all love our T-Bird and he will take the task of being our leaf boy to heart, he will proudly carry the leaves for us and you will be charmed by his sweetness and big blue eyes. We do love our Tristan!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hi All,

The wedding is coming up fast! But, Ann and I have managed, so far, to keep up with what we need to do. We are looking forward to seeing everyone and want to thank everyone in advance for coming to the wedding. Those of you that can't make it, we understand.
We will be posting information in the next couple of weeks. The wedding will be at 3:00 Oct. 10. At the Creative Center for life Church. Afterwards, the reception will be at the Cliff Castle Casino hotel. The Casino is located in Camp Verde, a short drive from Sedona. The hotel is located a couple of miles from the casino, which is also where the reception will be held. There is shuttle service from the hotel to the casino. Where you will find places to eat a bowling alley, dancing and gambling for you risk takers. I have attached links for these two places. You can find them a the bottom of this page. More links to come, for things to do in the area. So check this page when you can.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Landon Russell Trezise, the ring bearer

Landon is my grandson, age 5 and the oldest son of Tara & Will Trezise. He is also my first born grandson & child. When Tara was pregnant with Landon, I told everyone who would listen that he was "mine." And he is... As he was being born, I was standing at the end of the delivery table watching the miracle of his birth. His head came out first, face down, as it should be, and then his head turned... toward me and as it turned he opened his eyes and looked at me. Does that make him mine? I think so...
Landon is mighty, he looks like his Daddy, but acts like his Momma. He is the oldest child in his family and is bossy, bright and a loving big brother to both Tristan and Avery. Heavenly Father took the best traits of his parents and made Landon. His mind goes constantly, always staying a step ahead of those of us around him, wigglying out of punishments, charming us with his tenderness and enlightening his family with his ideas and thoughts. He will be handsome and proud to carry those precious rings for us and we are all looking forward to watching Landon grow up and blow us all away!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Jaxon Robert Ruiz

Jaxon is my youngest grandson, son of Preston & Heather. He is such a special little dude, and he holds a very special place in his "Auntie" Tara's heart. He was two in November and he loves his carsies (cars), his dog, Hendrix, and chocolate pop tarts. He has a very gentle heart, sweet disposition and since he has found his words, he loves to talk. Jaxon gave his family quite a scare before he was born, his doctors spoke to Heather & Preston of syndromes & such, and other then being a large 10 pound baby, he was and is a perfect little boy. He will carry a basket of flowers, actually it will be autumn leaves, along with Tristan, Ara and Avery. The littlest flower boy, but certainly not the least.

Ara, the senior flower girl....

This is Elmo's only granddaughter, Ara. Ara is a beautiful three year old and the daughter of Mindi and Alex. Her best buddy is her cousin, Joey, and they spend hours playing, jumping and chasing each other. She is strong willed, intelligent and very precocious. She is the apple of her Grandpa's eye and her family spends hours laughing at her antics. She loves to sing with her momma and charms the pants right off of her daddy. She laughs, squirms, jumps, screams, and is endlessly entertaining. She has the most beautiful brown eyes, sweet chubby baby legs and her Grandpa's ears. ;) She will enchant you as she walks down the aisle in her flower girl dress with her brown curls and her sweet little girlness.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Avery Marie Tresize

Avery Marie Trezise, my youngest and only grandaughter, born October 8, 2007, will be our youngest flower girl. She will be two years old shortly before our marriage and I am sure she will be a sweet addition to our special day. She will be expected to walk up the aisle with Ara. They will be dressed sweetly in burgandy dresses, white tights & black shoes and carrying not flower petals but autumn leaves.
She is so sweet with her blue eyes, long eye lashes & her chubby babiness. Don't let her fool you though, she has two big brothers, Landon & Tristan and she doesn't put up with anyone's "stuff". She loves her baby dolls, Uncle Shawn & goldfish crackers. She rules the Trezise family with both charm and "yarking" (yelling & barking). She is dynamite in a diaper.